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Whether you get your news on your watch, phone, TV, or the old-fashioned newspaper, you might see Tenderfoot TV getting some love. Over the past 7 years we’ve made a few headlines for our award winning shows, noteworthy business deals, and new creative partnerships, in both the TV and podcasting mediums. With 600 million downloads and counting, we hope to continue bringing our listeners newsworthy hit shows from Tenderfoot TV!

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Who is Payne Lindsey?

A kid from Cobb, Tenderfoot TV co-founder’s journey has been anything but Linear. This month, he graces the cover of...

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Best Podcast of 2019

AP Names LDLA Best Podcast of 2019 The Associated Press announced their top 10 podcasts of 2019 and our podcast, “To Live and Die in La” topped the list. We’re very honored for this recognition...


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