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From Tenderfoot TV in Atlanta

A true crime investigation into Georgia’s largest unsolved missing persons case.

A hard look into major crime cases and examining the criminal justice system.

Reexamining the Atlanta Child Murders nearly 40 years later.

Over 200 million downloads

The true story of Atlanta’s darkest secret.

From the producers of Up and Vanished, Tenderfoot TV and HowStuffWorks present, ‘Atlanta Monster.’ This true crime podcast tells the true story of Atlanta’s darkest secret, The Atlanta Child Murders. Nearly 40 years after these horrific crimes, many questions still remain. Host Payne Lindsey aims to find truth and provide closure, reexamining the disappearance and murder of over 25 African American children and young adults.

What Happened to Tara Grinstead?

Up and Vanished is an investigative podcast that explores the unsolved disappearance of Georgia beauty queen and high school teacher, Tara Grinstead. The 11-year-old cold case is the largest case file in the history of Georgia. Follow along as host Payne Lindsey, a filmmaker turned amateur investigator, examines old case evidence and re-interviews persons of interest. What happened to Tara Grinstead?


Justice is never easy.

The SWORN podcast, presented by UP AND VANISHED, pulls back the curtain on the criminal justice system exposing the untold stories and hard truths behind major cases, wrongful convictions, controversial legislation, and more. Host PHILIP HOLLOWAY, a defense attorney and former prosecutor with a background in law enforcement, not only digs into the legal aspects of these cases but the emotional consequences of their outcomes.

Founded by Atlanta director and independent filmmaker, Payne Lindsey, and music industry veteran, Donald Albright, Tenderfoot TV is a hub for content creators and storytellers. The company launched in August 2016 with the release of the true crime podcast “Up and Vanished” and has since created additional podcasts “Sworn” and “Atlanta Monster,” as well as upcoming TV and film properties. Tenderfoot strives to tell compelling stories that connect with the audience, delivering those stories in an entertaining fashion that keeps the audience engaged. No rules. No creative restrictions.

Payne Lindsey

Payne Lindsey

Host + Executive Producer

Payne Lindsey is an Atlanta-based director, award-winning documentary filmmaker, and the co-creator and host of the hit podcast “Up and Vanished.” Driven by a new found passion for both the true crime genre and investigative journalism, Lindsey decided to investigate the disappearance of beauty queen and school teacher Tara Grinstead, a notorious decade-old cold case from South Georgia. At the time, he hoped to develop Tara’s story into his own documentary film project. As Lindsey chronicled his investigation in real-time, week by week, in audio form, he ventured into a new field, podcasting. The events of the next 12 months turned Tara Grinstead’s case into one of the biggest crime stories of the year. With over 150 million downloads, “Up and Vanished” propelled Grinstead’s case into the mainstream media, uncovering new evidence that helped to crack the 11-year-old cold case in early 2017 and lead to two arrests. On the strength of the podcast’s success, Lindsey launched Atlanta-based content creation company Tenderfoot TV, along with his business partner Donald Albright. Under Tenderfoot TV, Lindsey will take on a new case in “Up and Vanished: Season 2,” take his documentary skillset to the TV screen with a docu-series for “Up and Vanished” in development with Oxygen, as well as investigate the infamous Atlanta Child Murders in a brand-new podcast “Atlanta Monster.” The core of Lindsey’s work, whether it is investigating, podcasting, or directing, continues to be storytelling that serves as a catalyst for change.

Donald Albright

Donald Albright

Executive Producer

California native Donald Albright is an entrepreneur and co-founder of Atlanta-based content creation company, Tenderfoot TV. Albright has spent the last 20 years working on a variety of entertainment projects with notable artists including, Jay-Z, OutKast, Usher, DJ Khaled, and many more. In 2016, Albright joined friend and music video director, Payne Lindsey, to document a true crime story — the result was the hit podcast “Up and Vanished,” which has since passed over 150 million downloads and helped crack the decade-old South Georgia cold case of missing person Tara Grinstead. Albright teamed with Lindsey to launch Tenderfoot TV, a content creation company that works with fellow creators to bring stories to life through an array of entertainment media — including podcasts, live shows, television, film, and other digital platforms.

Meredith Stedman

Creative Producer

Meredith Stedman is a creative producer and podcast co-host for Tenderfoot TV. Originally from New Orleans, Stedman attended Emory University in Atlanta where her innate love of storytelling led her to double major in English and Film Studies. Stedman has worked on a variety of film projects in Atlanta since her graduation. She started her journey with Tenderfoot TV as an avid “Up and Vanished” listener, and began working with the team on the writing and story-building aspects of the hit podcast. Stedman currently serves as a producer and co-host on “Sworn,” the sister podcast of “Up and Vanished.” She’s also a creative producer on Tenderfoot TV’s upcoming project, “Atlanta Monster,” as well as “Up and Vanished: Season 2.”

Mason Lindsey

Associate Producer

Mason Lindsey is an associate producer for Tenderfoot TV. As Payne Lindsey’s younger brother, Mason Lindsey experienced the “Up and Vanished” investigation from the beginning. After helping his brother with his first case as much as possible, Lindsey transitioned into working as a producer, all while balancing classes for his bachelor’s degree in business. Lindsey is currently a producer on “Sworn,” the sister podcast of “Up and Vanished.” Additionally, he worked as a main coordinator for “Up and Vanished: Live” events.

Hallie Bedol


Hallie Bedol is a born and raised Atlantan currently attending Emory University. She is majoring in psychology, with her focus on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Hallie has worked at the Marcus Autism Center, assisted with family therapy, and is a member of the peer mentoring club for young adults on the spectrum at Emory. She became interested in the psychological perspective of true crime after listening to Up and Vanished. Hallie is currently the intern for Tenderfoot TV, helping specifically in the areas of research and psychology.


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