There is no podcast without the host! We have been fortunate to work with so many great hosts over the years. They have helped navigate our listeners through the story and bring valuable perspective and understanding. From bestselling authors to acclaimed journalists, citizen sleuths to legal experts, seasoned podcasters to newcomers, our hosts are the heart and soul of our shows.

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Payne Lindsey

Founder of TFTV, Payne hosts the award winning Up and Vanished, Atlanta Monster, and Radio Rental, a combined 400+ million downloads! He also hosts the hit series High Strange.

Matt Frederick

A seasoned podcast vet, Matt is the host of Monster: The Zodiac Killer and hosts his own iHeart Radio show Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know.

Tony Harris

A Baltimore native, Tony is a seasoned TV reporter, news anchor and producer. He hosts the true crime podcast Monster: DC Sniper.

Rembert Browne and Jewel Wicker

Hosts of Georgia political podcast Gaining Ground: The New Georgia these Atlanta natives are both accomplished writers and journalists, covering culture, entertainment and politics. Rembert even interviewed President Obama on Airforce One!

Philip Holloway

Phil is a former Georgia police officer, prosecutor and current defense attorney in Atlanta. He hosts the criminal justice podcast Sworn.

Shapearl Wells and Alison Flowers

Shapearl, a mother and activist, and Alison, an award-winning investigative journalist, teamed up to host the award-winning investigative podcast Somebody, which covered the Chicago murder of Shapearl’s son Courtney Copeland.

Dennis Cooper

Host of the investigative true crime podcast Culpable, Dennis is a first time podcast host, but brought in big-time downloads with over 20 million!

Neil Strauss

10x bestselling author, Rolling Stone writer, and investigative journalist, Neil hosts the 2019 “AP Podcast of the Year,” To Live and Die in LA.

Jake Brennan

An award-winning podcaster, Jake is the host of Dead and Gone. He also hosts his own show with Amazon Music, the acclaimed Disgraceland.

Tim Livingston

Sports journalist and first time podcaster, Tim is an LA native, and host of the Sports/Crime investigative series Whistleblower.

Rainn Wilson (aka Terry Carnation)

Actor, writer, comedian, Rainn hosts the hybrid (unscripted/scripted) Radio Rental as his character Terry Carnation.

Terri J. Vaughn (aka Rose Cranberry)

An NAACP Image Award winner, Terri stars as host Rose Cranberry in the Insecure (HBO) fiction podcast spinoff Looking for Latoya.

Ben Kueberich

A podcast producer (Monster: The Zodiac Killer & DC Sniper) turned first time podcast host, Ben created and produced “Algorithm” from Tenderfoot TV and iHeart Radio.

Jon Street

Jon is part of the Resonate Recordings team as Chief Production Officer, and he is the host of the new Tenderfoot/Resonate collaborative podcast, Turned Podcaster.

Bill Klaber

Author of Shadow Play and The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell, and co-host of The RFK Tapes, Bill is the host of the Tenderfoot TV podcast The MLK Tapes.

Josh Zeeman

Best known for his 2009 critically acclaimed documentary film Cropsey, Josh produced Netflix’s The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness, as well as hosted the companion podcast.
Jessica Noll

Jessica Noll

Jessica is an award winning investigative journalist and writer. She hosts the limited series Undetermined, the true crime podcast that debuted at #1.

David Farrier

New Zealand journalist David Farrier hosts When a Good Man Kills, but he’s also an accomplished documentary filmmaker who created Dark Tourist and Tickled.

Rasha and Yvette

Co-hosts of the chart-topping 2019 podcast, Root of Evil, these sisters are back to host a new weekly crime series, Facing Evil. With inspiration from their mother’s incredible journey, Rasha and Yvette bring a unique perspective to true crime.

Matt Graves

Matt Graves is a podcast producer and host of Le Monstre. A bi-lingual American, he moved to Belgium in the summer of 1995, in the midst of the chaos he covered in his podcast.

Celeste Headlee

A 20-year veteran, Celeste Headlee (NPR, PBS, TEDx), is a journalist, author, public speaker, and radio veteran. She hosts the new true crime series Freeway Phantom.

Aprile and Meredith

Aprile grew up equally fascinated and frightened by the horror genre, and Meredith, a producer at Tenderfoot, is scared of everything. So naturally they partner up so Aprile can scare Meredith every week on their podcast Rattled & Shook.

Simon Kent Fung

An award winning creator and designer in tech and media (Patreon, Google, TIME Magazine), Simon, a Toronto native, hosts the limited series ‘Dear Alana,’.

Alex Estrada

Alex is a TV writer and California native, now based in Brooklyn. He is a story editor for Disney’s Hamster & Gretel, and hosts the true-crime limited series ‘The Estate.’