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How do I contact Tenderfoot TV?

General Contact

Press Inquiries

Can I suggest a case?

Email us your case suggestions at stories@tenderfoot.tv

Troubleshooting playback issues

A great way to tell if there is an issue with the audio itself vs the playback platform, is to listen to the file on the web. If there is still an issue, please reach out to us at info@tenderfoot.tv, if not, you will need to follow up with the customer support on the podcast app you are using. But here are some additional tips;

  • Make sure you are running the most up to date version of your podcast app.
  • Unfollow and refollow the show
  • Close out the app, and restart your device.

What is Tenderfoot+?

Tenderfoot+ is our subscription program for listeners who want to pay for an ad-free experience and have access to early and exclusive content from the Tenderfoot slate of shows

Why aren’t all shows available?

We will be adding shows over time. While the majority of Tenderfoot shows are on Tenderfoot+, there are a select number that are offered on the True Crime+ channel on Apple podcasts. That is a separate subscription for those shows.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you have signed up via the Tenderfoot website, you can log back into your account and in the settings section, follow the instruction to cancel. If you need assistance with this step, you can reach out to help@supportingcast.fm.

If you’ve signed up on Apple Podcasts via your device, you will need to follow Apple’s instructions to cancel your subscription. Those can be found here.

Why do you have two ways to access Tenderfoot+?

Great question! We want to make sure our listeners can access the subscription offering on both iOS and Android. You can also sign up for iOS via our website and that gives our listeners and option to manage their subscription outside of Apple’s payment offering.


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